Does making a hot lunch for yourself hardly seem worth the effort? Why not take part in the Lunch Plus Program? Monday through Friday, our activities start at 9:30 am and end at noon, including a hot, nutritious lunch.

We have two locations: the Silvermont Mansion at 364 Main Street in Brevard or the Quebec Community Center at 11846 Rosman Highway in Lake Toxaway, across from T.C. Henderson Elementary.

Age is the only criterion for county residents to take part. You must be at least 60. For couples, both qualify as long as one partner is 60. Transportation may be available, depending on where you live in the county.

Enrollment is required, but it’s fast and easy: Simply call 884.2255. We do accept money to help cover our costs – we’ve posted an income-based sliding scale as a rough guide to what seems appropriate – but no one who is unable to make a donation will ever be denied a meal.

As long as you’re out and about, we have more than delicious food on our menu. We all know that staying healthy is much more than a matter of proper nutrition. No matter how old we are, we need to exercise our minds and bodies. The Plus in our name is all about helping seniors stay active and fit.

Activities vary from month to month, but leisure-time programs include:

  • Low-impact exercises such as walking, darts, horseshoes, chair yoga and the Ageless Grace Program
  • Group games such as charades, bingo and jigsaw puzzles Arts and crafts
  • Picnics and nature walks
  • Trips to the Mountain State Fair
  • Regular blood pressure checks
  • Talks on nutrition and safety
  • Current event discussions
  • Entertaining presentations by local musical groups....and MORE!

Of course, there are also endless opportunities to swap yarns about the “good old days.”